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Our Story

So Soulful is simple food, infused with flavors from our travels. We could say we have passion, we do. Or we could go with the old, I always dreamed of approach; we did. The brutal truth of it is we have experienced festivals all over the world, and many times after waiting in some extremely long lines (we had fun waiting) we took a few bites and were like really? Don't get us wrong we have found some great vendors over the years, but were really disappointed in either quality, or quantity far too many times. So Soulful is our attempt at creating a experience that is consistent yet changing, hmmm. Consistent as in you will walk away satisfied every time and every joyful bite should be replicated at every event. Changing as in today it might be Dirty Rice, next month it might be voodoo pasta, and next year we hope it's our loaded mac n cheese.

So Soulful is a family affair with Maurice McClain, a techie by trade conceptualizing the dishes and his wife Elizabeth McClain (Izzy), a business owner running the show. We are hoping that Myles McClain who we consider a chef in training jumps on board one day with Nijah McClain serving as the social media evangelist. While we live in the Bay Area we have reach to festivals as far south as San Diego, the North to Seattle, and plan to go as far East as Spanish Fork Utah for the annual festival of colors. We even have plans to bring our dishes to our future home of Buenos Aries. We hope to see you soon.

Farm Fresh

Living in the Bay Area we are grateful to have a host of local organic food producers and wine growers who inhabit our back yard, why not use them. We endeavor to make all plates with the freshest ingredients possible.

Life with a Smile

We are a customer oriented group, and believe in the energy of happiness. We hope to release smiles into our food, we call this alma feliz - happy soul.

How to Find Us

We work select West Coast food festivals and weekly markets. You can sign up to be notified when we add a new event. For catering requests you can reach us at the contacts below.


So Soulful focuses on food festival events, but occasionally we are available for catering events. If you have an event in mind we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at any time and we'll get back to you right away.